Characteristics of a housekeeper

When looking for the ideal housekeeper, there are 9 characteristics that you might want to consider:

  • Attention to detail
  • Education, experience and special skills matter but none of those will make a person who doesn't truly love working with children a quality caregiver. Enjoying children and feeling honored to be a caregiver to them is the foundation that everything else is built on.

  • Enthusiatic
  • It takes a lot of energy to do house-keeping and a home helper’s job doesn’t end there. It will take a lot of enthusiasm and passion to make sure everything around the house in order. After all one cannot have attention to detail if the home helper is not enthusiastic.

  • Communicative
  • Keeping home in order will demand a lot of detail. Communication with your home helper is key to achieving this. The ideal home keeper should be receptive to communication and can give feedback if something calls for it. Moreover the client will give instructions to the home keeper and the home keeper in-turn should be able to make recommendations under certain conditions.

  • Common sense
  • Like any job home keepers will have to deal with a variety of situations that will require quick-decision making. The best solutions require common sense solutions given in a timely and decisive manner. A home helper with a high degree of common sense is handy if the client only manage to give out minimal instructions.

  • Punctual
  • Home keepers will have to report to work way before the household itinerary commences to prepare the day for all the home members. Punctuality is the key to make sure everything is in order. Moreover once on duty the schedule of activities are done in a timely manner such that all that is needed are available at short notice.

  • Trustworthy
  • Usually for professional couples with everybody else off to work the home helper is the only person left in the house with all its valuables. Hence the home helper should be trusted to assume responsibility for everything in the house from valuables, pets, and the home well-being itself. Crucial also is the ability to decide on how to manage visitors or other persons coming in and around the home to make sure security is not compromised either.

  • Flexible
  • A home keeper should be versatile like a handyman and should be able to be strong enough to help with all possible tasks that are required for day-to-day affairs in running the house. Being capable to do groceries, being able to cook and prepare food, looking after the pets, on top of keeping the house clean is a challenging proposition. Moreover the home keeper should be able to use any tools provided and home appliances properly.

  • Reliable
  • A home helper should be able to keep commitments and stick to his or her tasks until the client is fully satisfied with the results in a timely manner. Hiring a home helper after all should be a value generating exercise on the part of the client and it is expected this is delivered in a timely and accurate manner throughout the duration of the tenure.

  • Proper Decorum
  • The ideal house keeper needs to maintain proper behavior and practice the correct protocols in guest relations. Having attention to details and proper communication skills they should be able to handle themselves well and be able to supplement the client’s hospitality for whatever social level of guests come into the house.