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n&n is a staffing agency for premium home-care in Barcelona and Vienna. Based on our 15+ years of experience and recruitment methodology, we match international families with our high-end nannies, home-nurses and household staff, fostering long-term relationships based on service quality and mutual trust.

Each personal introduction is made on a selective one-to-one basis after careful consideration of factors such as social and economic backgrounds, family values and interests, spiritual beliefs and personalities.

We provide multilingual personnel that is well educated and used to serving in international environments. Most of them accompany their families for many years.

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Susan testimonial

Author: Susan, Real Estate Owner, Barcelona

Service consumed: Part Time Nanny

Mary Ann is a live out nanny N&N matched for my small family of three, my first baby is now eight months old but she was just merely two months old when Mary Ann started to look after her and she is an amazing nanny any mother can have, from helping me bottle feed, bath and changing nappies to dressing, Mary Ann does these just excellently with care and passion. She shows so much affection to my baby that she gained my full trust to the point that I leave her alone during the days I had to do my personal stuff.

Josep testimonial

Author: Josep, University Instructor, Barcelona

Service consumed: Full Time Home-Nurse, Living In

It is such a great joy that I found through N&N a great person to look out for my father downtown despite me, working forty kilometers away from home, not being able to be with him al ways. After my father fell on the floor when he got out of the bath tube two years ago he just wasn’t the same as his hip bone just won’t get any better. Joy, the Home Nurse N&N referred to, is such a big help to my father. Not only is she “just” looking after him but keeping up with all the things, medically, needs like clockwork even. But the care she gives to my father is just like being his own daughter and I appreciate her and N&N for this.

Divina testimonial

Author: Divina, Loans Inspector, Badalona

Service consumed: House-Sitter

Frequent commutes between Madrid and Barcelona and then having to go home to Barcelona made me decide to stay away from my home a few days or a week at a time. That just leaves me with little time for housework. This is a challenge especially before I decided to not force my way to go home because of my dog. Now the decision is easier for me as I can travel worry-free now that someone house-sits for me. N&N provided me with a house sitter and she just, not just able to take care of my dog, but left me with a much cleaner pad than what I left here with. Calling on N&N for my house-sitting needs is one of the best decisions I made this year!

why choose us?

n&n strongly believes that providing home care services - nannies, home nurses as well as home helpers – is an activity that requires a very high degree of sensitivity and compassion. Our very specific methodology enables us to perfectly match home care requests with ideal caregiving candidates.

Every n&n team member has his or her own direct care experience with chronically ill parents needing home-nursing, grandparents that start to suffer from Alzheimer up to simply being a working parent with a small energetic child at home needing a fun & cultivated babysitter or full time nanny. We treat every family need or problems that might come up during work as if these issues were of our family. We fully understand that any type of decision regarding home-care affects not only the person or children to be cared for but also the entire family.

We offer a fair business model equally caring for employers and the personnel we provide. We only charge a one-time agency recruitment fee plus a monthly membership to provide ongoing service quality control as well as continuous education for our staff. Many of our clients appreciate that we provide a one-stop-solution for anything related to excellent home care, making their life more pleasant and enjoyable. Our great variety of home-services range from nursery, baby care and nanny services up to a la carte home delivered specials including beauty, therapy and creative home sessions.

we are

enthusiastic individuals who love

working with people

Karina Tajmar

Founder & Business Development

Due to the fact that her mother suffered several brain strokes 8 years ago, Karina has invented premium home nursing. She set up a completely new system as she wanted her mother, who is a former actress, to have a life worth living despite of her severe handicaps. Karina loves to bring back the smile into the faces of severely ill people and that is why she founded n&n. Karina has been running a communications agency and design studio for 15+ years and is responsible for all marketing communications at n&n.

Priscilla Granizo Mendez

Client Counselor & Marketing

Priscilla is love and care in a person. Her warm energy and sincere interest attract all people around her. Her grandmother suffers severe Alzheimer and she is continuously working on new home-care concepts for her beloved grandma together with her mother. Priscilla is responsible for client needs, receiving their requests and making sure that all their needs are always met. She is in continuous touch with organizations that refer to N&N and runs all social media. Priscilla is also an architect that is very much involved in social architecture aiming at making the world a better place.

Jasmina Quku

Web Platform

Family means everything to Jasmina. She would go any extra mile for the people she cares for. Jasmina is running the N&N website with its extensive area for registered members. She is the one that extracts all required reporting for the extensive matching process between families and caregivers and also runs the continuous quality audits to ensure throughout service quality 24/7.


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