"Mary Ann is a live out nanny N&N matched for my small family of three, my first baby is now eight months old but she was just merely two months old when Mary Ann started to look after her and she is an amazing nanny any mother can have, from helping me bottle feed, bath and changing nappies to dressing, Mary Ann does these just excellently with care and passion. She shows so much affection to my baby that she gained my full trust to the point that I leave her alone during the days I had to do my personal stuff."

Author: Susan, Real Estate Owner, Barcelona

Service Consumed: Part Time Nanny

"It is such a great joy that I found through N&N a great person to look out for my father downtown despite me, working forty kilometers away from home, not being able to be with him al ways. After my father fell on the floor when he got out of the bathtub two years ago he just wasn’t the same as his hip bone just won’t get any better. Joy, the Home Nurse N&N referred to, is such a big help to my father. Not only is she “just” looking after him but keeping up with all the things, medically, needs like clockwork even. But the care she gives to my father is just like being his own daughter and I appreciate her and N&N for this."

Author: Josep, University Instructor, Barcelona

Service Consumed: Full Time Home-Nurse, Living In

"Frequent commutes between Madrid and Barcelona and then having to go home to Barcelona made me decide to stay away from my home a few days or a week at a time. That just leaves me with little time for housework. This is a challenge especially before I decided to not force my way to go home because of my dog. Now the decision is easier for me as I can travel worry-free now that someone house-sits for me. N&N provided me with a house sitter and she just, not just able to take care of my dog, but left me with a much cleaner pad than what I left here with. Calling on N&N for my house-sitting needs is one of the best decisions I made this year! "

Author: Divina, Loans Inspector, Badalona

Service Consumed: House-Sitter

"N&N has provided me the best nanny I could ever wish for my four children! Yes, you heard it right! Having four children from ages 2 to 12 is the most exciting thing, a working parent ever has! Our previous nanny of almost 10 years has retired and went back to her country to join her children and grandchildren and to enjoy her retired life. It was difficult to let her go since all my four children almost grew up with her and she turned into an important person of reference to them. I found N&N as my staff recommended their premium services to me. I did not just find a nanny that I was looking for but also a big sister to my children they are having fun with as much as they were having with my previous one! I highly recommend N&N not only for being premium but for providing superb service providers!"

Author: Netta, Housewife - new mum, Barcelona

Service Consumed: Full Time Nanny, Living In

"I am a mum of two junior girls who needed a personal assistant for their daily school activities from dropping them to school and picking them up on a regular basis, assisting them in their extra activities, gymnastics and dance classes to scheduling playmates and taking them to birthday parties. Elsa is the full time nanny I hired with the help of N&N, I am enjoying the quality services she is providing for my family since my husband is always travelling for business trips and therefore no home help at all. Elsa is now one of the pillars of our household, without her kind help it would be impossible for us to make it through the day! Having a nanny and housekeeper in one is everything we need! Shout out to N&N and the whole staff for their amazing help!"

Author: Ana, Working from home, Barcelona

Service Consumed: Full Time Nanny and Housekeeper

"I usually arrive home at 9PM. Work schedules and the drive from downtown just can’t afford me time to think of anything else. It has been going on like this for years until N&N were able to provide us with house-help. Eliza has been with us for two months now and has been taking care of things we overlook like being able to buy the groceries we really need. Fortunately, she can drive and can also speak Spanish so she even can take calls from home. We are very glad a common friend referred us to N&N. We are even considering contracting some of their other services as well."

Author: Jordi, Accountant, Barcelona

Service Consumed: Full Time Housekeeping

"I never considered having someone to help with the home as my place is just a flat 30 minutes from the hospital where I serve. But lately the situation is so tiring that even looking after my dog and my couch is just a big challenge as what I encounter in the hospital. Since two months ago Helen from the Philippines is with us, she is just a Godsend! Now my place is just so much brighter and spick-and-span as they say. Even my groceries are stacked, which is the best thing because I immediately know what is missing and what not."

Author: Patxi, Emergency Doctor, Barcelona

Service Consumed: Full Time Housekeeping

"I thought working from home can afford me more time to look after my children and my home. But even at these times the demands on my job still leave me with very little time for looking after my home in particular. Susan who was referred to by N&N has been doing great staff work for my home. Not only has she bought me time by doing groceries, looking after the garden, and cooking she just has this knack for keeping all the things we need in proper order. "

Author: Bettina, Graphics Designer, Barcelona

Service Consumed: Part Time Housekeeping

"My 5 year-old daughter is undergoing chemotherapy for her leukemia. She was well enough to be brought home but for properly taking care of our child with this condition we urgently needed a home nurse. Me and my wife still have to take jobs. But thankfully N&N was able to provide us with Gigi who is so sweet to our daughter and also very professional. We are not surprised that the level of care Gigi provided my daughter is much better than what she had when she was hospitalized with special insurance. We owe N&N a lot."

Author: Miguel, Civil Engineer, Barcelona

Service Consumed: Full Time Home Nurse, Living In

"There just came a point my Abuelos needed looking-after once my kids have already declared their independence. The most important task is keeping up with the medicine schedule my folks have and to monitor twice a day their blood pressure. A friend referred us to N&N where we were able to secure Stephanie’s services. I can attest how professionally she does her job and my Abuelos love her so much."

Author: Daria, Law Practitioner, Barcelona

Service Consumed: Part Time Home Nurse, Living Out

"My job entails me to be out of my home for weeks at a time. Before I considered asking for house-sitter help preparing just for my cat, I first looked for friends who can sit my house, but this was taking so much of my time. A friend told me to drop by the N&N site to look for someone who can house-sit for me. In my previous two trips, one of which took three weeks in Argentina, Carlos, a house sitter, was not just looked after my cat very well as they get along, he just fixed everything. Even the bathroom is cleaner than ever. For people with jobs just like mine that is keeping us away from our home for weeks at a time I tell you house-sitters really help so much! Thanks N&N!"

Author: Helga, Marketing Specialist, Barcelona

Service Consumed: House Sitter

"I was assigned to work on a power plant outside Barcelona. For the last two years I had to leave my place downtown for a month at a time as commuting was too long and I also had to fix too much once I got back home. Lately I considered someone to house-sit for me and N&N provided me with a house-sitter to look after my home in the intervals I was out of town. Just an example, overlooked stuff like cleaning the carpet after having left is a huge chore even for me and it takes time to do so. Moreover my house sitter took calls and did groceries which are kept neatly in my pantry once I get back. From now on I will always go ahead with this service. Makes me a lot less tired once I get back home."

Author: Chris, Power Plant Engineer, Barcelona

Service Consumed: House Sitter

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