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CM Creative is an international 360° marketing agency with headquarters in Barcelona and offices in Vienna and Lisbon. Our clients highly value our creative end-to-end services thanks to our inhouse architecture department, video and graphics production as well as our digital and virtualization units.


This cosmopolitan, charming and tolerant city will be your future home. To help with your arrival, BeingBarcelona, your right-hand local contact, wants to smooth your adaptation process and help and guide you until you are fully installed. If you are thinking about moving to Barcelona, in the process of doing so or have just arrived, BeingBarcelona will help you to settle in the city and make the most of your first experiences here.

Our mission: making your move and daily life easier.

We offer as well concierge and support services for companies that decide to visit, work or held corporate activities in Barcelona. With our assistance, you can forget the eternal and bother phone calls and the last minute unexpected situations. Instead, you will be able to focus on what’s more important for you, thus be ready to enjoy all this beautiful and vibrant city has to offer.


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